Wedding Appointment Tips

Once you have decided the theme of your wedding and where it will take place, you are ready to look for your perfect wedding dress.

Take pictures from wedding magazines, they show the trends and styles available.  You will soon build up a collection and have a feel of what you envisage for your big day. Bring these with you to your appointment,  then we can see your ideas and help you find the dress of your dreams. Keep an open mind when looking through the rails, everything looks different when they are on.  You may think it’s not quite what you wanted, but it could be the perfect dress.

Try to invite just one or two people from your family and friends , whose opinions means the most. Everyone has a vision of what they like in a dress but it’s not necessarily what you like. A large entourage can cause conflicting opinions, which then makes your special time with us so confusing and overwhelming. If you really want to include all your friends, why not invite them to your final fitting for the big reveal.

Size charts differ between designers. If you’re a size 8 in the ready-to-wear world, you could be anything from a 4 to 14 in the bridal world.  Don’t be disheartened if we have to order a larger size, it’s better to be safe. A dress is easier to take in than it is to let out.

For obvious reasons,  fake tan is not allowed.